Fair City Driving Academy

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38 Hour Driver Education- $400.00

Driver education is required for all persons wishing to obtain a license/permit for the first time in Louisiana. All persons between the ages of 15-17 years of age are required to take a 38 hour course . The course consist of 30 classroom hours and a mandatory final test that counts as the OMV written test, and 8 hours of drive time where they will learn the basics of driving under a certified instructors supervision. This course has a state mandated parent meeting night. Parent night is to inform the parent or guardian what they can expect from the course, and learn the expectations and requirements for the student. The students are not required to attend this meeting, but are welcome.

OMV Test Drives - $30.00

All persons attempting to obtain an advanced permit or Class E drivers license are required to take a road skills test, commonly referred to a drive test.

8 Hour Drive - 200.00

8 Hour drive time is required for all driver education courses. Due to our own busy schedule we usually do not drive students who have taken the classroom portion through other schools. However we understand there are unforeseen circumstances, and will attempt to accommodate certain circumstances when our schedule allows.