Fair City Driving Academy

Your Teens Safety Is Our #1 Priority

At Fair City Driving Academy we understand you are putting your teens well being and education in the hands of instructors you don't personally know when you enroll them into a driver education class.  Unlike many other schools or courses across the area and state, we are only concerned with giving them the best education possible and ensuring their upmost safety while they are in our care.  While we do have obligations to meet in order to stay open, money is NOT our motivation!  We strive to be the best driver education instructors you will find because we understand that is what it takes to make your student the best and safest new driver possible. Our two primary instructors have spent the last 18 plus years in public service, and bring that experience to the classroom and drives.

At Fair City Driving Academy, we are focused on providing driver education with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. If you choose our teen driver education or Omv (DMV) Drive testing, we're sure you'll be happy working with us!

Louisiana requires all public driver education schools and instructors to be certified through the state, and to also be a certified Third Party tester. At Fair City Driving Academy we are certified, and meet all our continuing education training requirements.

What is, and why you need driver education?

Driver education is a course that teaches students the basics of driving. It teaches students laws, common practices, and safety awareness that every new driver needs to know before they begin to share the road with other drivers, and vehicles.  Driver education is required for all teens wishing to obtain a license for the first time in Louisiana.  Louisiana has a three step graduated process that new teen drivers must follow.  Upon completion of a state certified driver education program, ages 15-16 will start with a basic permit.  They must drive using this permit with an adult 21 or older who has a valid drivers license.  After driving with this permit for at least 6 months and reaching the minimum age of 16, students will graduate to an advanced permit.  The advance permit will allow a teen driver to drive without adult supervision under certain circumstances, but with a nightly curfew.  The third level of the graduated system is a class E drivers license.  Any student with an advanced permit can move to class E license at 17.  Any 17 year old that takes a certified driver education course while 17 or older can apply directly for a class E license.

What is a Road Skills Test, OMV Drive, or Third Party Driving?

Louisiana requires all advanced permit or first time license applicants to take a driving test to show they have the ability to safely maneuver a vehicle such a passenger car and light truck. This testing requirement can be met at the Office of Motor Vehicles, or a licensed public driver education school.